Medical Device Micro-Coiling Machines

Features & Options
 • Tungsten carbide feed rolls and wire guides with 5 grooves

 • Sealed gearbox with oil bath containing hardened steel noncircular gears and hardened steel drive gears

 • Hardened and ground steel feed roll gears

 • Ten pair of feed change gears

 • "Adjustable while running" double diameter controls with full compliment of cams

 • "Adjustable while running" double pitch full compliment ofcams

 • Graduations for feed cam adjustments

 • Diameter slide stop

 • Hardened inserts in pitch and diameter levers

 • One complete set of tungsten carbide coiling tools consisting of 6 arbors, 5pr. extended final guides, 5 coiling
   points and 2 pitch tools

 • Seven roll two plane wire straightener

 • Wire holdback with carbide roll and wear plates

 • High speed six figure electronic counter

 • Adjustable 115 volt work light

 • Variable speed drive with 3/4 H.P. motor 230/460 volt, 3 phase, 60 Hz mounted and wired with combination
   starter, 115 volt circuit transformer and control station

 • Full compliment of all necessary wrenches

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