Medical Device Micro-Coiling Machines

Features & Options
 • Tungsten carbide feed rolls and wire guides with 4 grooves

 • One pair of hardened steel noncircular gears and hardened steel drive gears

 • Hardened and ground steel feed roll gears located in a sealed compartment and running in oil

 • Nine pair of feed change gears

 • "Adjustable while running" double diameter controls with full compliment of two pair of barrel cams, one taper cam and
    one taper cam spacer

 • "Adjustable while running" double pitch control which adjust identically and are furnished complete with two pair of wide
    pitch cams and two pair of medium pitch cams

 • Two pair of feed cams - 50 degree and 100 degree dwells

 • Two positive return track type cutter cams - low and high rise

 •  Front cam shaft bearings mounted in easily removable flange piloted into oversized hole in front housing through which
   pitch, diameter and feed cam hubs can pass with cam settings intact to allow for qiuck chaneover option

 • One complete set of tungsten carbide coiling tools consisting of 6 arbors, 4 block guides, 4 coiling points, 3 pitch tools and
    2 cutters

 • Five roll two plane wire straightener

 • Wire holdback with carbide roll and wear plates incororated in preliminary guides

 • High speed six figure electronic counter

 • Adjustable 115 volt work light

 • Full compliment of all necessary wrenches

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